Thursday, August 30, 2007

Can you believe it - two posts in a week!
It has been an exciting time around this house.

Roxie came to visit! I don't know if you remember - But Roxie and I are high school classmates who rediscovered each other through our Blogs! What a small world. I now live in her old home town and she lives in mine! She is here visiting her family and came over to my house to use the 'internet cafe'. I haven't seen here since graduation - almost 40 years ago! She hasn't changed a bit! It was fun to visit and knit with an old friend. Wish I had taken a picture!

I have been reading tons this summer...ALL the Harry Potter books, about 4 other good ones, but am now reading my favorite. If you are interested in Natural History type things this is wonderful - Margene are you listening - Hawk's Rest - A Season in the Remote Heart of Yellowstone. A hike from Red Lodge Montana to Yellowstones Thorofare - which although on 28 miles from a highway is considered the most remote spot in the lower 48. The book is wonderful. A quote from one of the hikers..."Out in mature you've got 4.6 billion years of sucess-the best of everything, the finest the world has come up with, all around you, night and day. Go for a stroll in the woods and you walk amoung champions." That says it all!

Today on the "Today" show they are highlighting the most beautiful places in American - Tom Brokow presented Yellowstone....I just happened to have it on to check the latest weather and got to watch...made me cry.

Central Oregon got a bit of lightening last night - of course centered over Redmond - so it was quite loud here and sparkely! Smells smoky this morning and we are under a Red Flag for the rest of today. Kinda scary because it is so very dry this summer. I'm sure the tankers will be flying this afternoon.

I have been plugging away on my Forest Canopy Shawl - turns out my Sockapalooza pal is working on one too - again a small world. Again I really like the pattern - it's easy to remember and looks great.

Hope everyone enjoys the last summer long weekend. College daughter is coming home - 3 days why not! It will be good to have a full house for a while!

Knit Peace

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Pat K said...

Some of the college kids are "threatening" to invade me as well this weekend. Always a joy, except, how many will be here for dinner? Glad you and Roxie had fun!