Thursday, August 30, 2007


This all happened this afternoon - after Roxie left - she probably had a prettier view of the beginning of the storm - the thunder was just starting when she left this afternoon! The first picture is after the first cell went through - on my way home from a very short 1/2 hour of work. The next few are my drowned patio - that is actually under cover!! And the last is out the front door. I was afraid that the patio would get so deep it would come in the house - but it passed just in time. We had to move all the boxes stored in the carport - including a mattress that is now resting on top of my car! A little excitement to make your day! My poor vegtable garden looks like elephants walked through it!
Roxie and I had a great time looking at our old yearbooks - I was feeling pretty old. I'm glad we've gotten together. Although we were not best friends in High School - with only 26 girls in our class we have a lot of shared memories and it was really fun to revisit them! We're going to meet up in September at Oregon Flock and Fiber - should be fun. Can you believe she finished the Baby Surprise jacket so fast - she'd hardly started when she was here on Monday!
The storm is now east of me and still lighting up the sky - but I think it will be quieter so it's off to reading and bed.


Margene said...

I'm so envious of your rain! It looks heavenly especially after the oppressive heat we had last night. Thanks for the book recommendation. I'll check it out!!

Pat K said...

No wonder everything in the yard is so green!!

Annie said...

Yikes! such a storm! We need the rain too though -- looks lush.