Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm still here....

Yep – I’m here but nobody else is! These have been a busy few weeks since I last posted.
On the job front – I went for an interview for a great position that I thought would suit me very well. When I came out of the interview there were 4 voice messages – my other project is a go!!! The development is proceeding at a very rapid pace. Because of Oregon’s screwy land-use laws we have to have a huge amount of work completed before the law changes in December – so we are on the ground and moving forward. So it looks like I’m gainfully employed again. Was only slightly reluctant to turn down the other job – but I’ve got so much time and effort invested in the development I just had to go that way. We have a good team and I am proud of what our end product will be!
On the home front – I expected to have the last four days to myself here at home. Molly went out of town to visit some friends for the weekend – but then got a call about an apartment she had applied for – she got it! So she returned home the next morning to pack. Marianne was of course at school – but was bored and so she also came home….so I had a full house. Spent the weekend working, packing and moving. Most of her stuff is at the new apartment – just the unorganized junk is left for mom to deal with! It’s such a great place – a few blocks from her job and a few blocks from downtown. She is in the best spot. Old 1920’s house that has been converted to apartments. Hardwood floors, high ceilings, lots of charm. Now I’ve got our house to myself – strange to say the least. I don’t think I’ve lived by myself for over 30 years! This will take some getting used to. But my kitchen will always be clean and the laundry won’t pile up! Joy!
On the knitting front – I have startitis – I started another project. I had some bright Interlacements in my stash and seeing that Clapotis is again being blogged about – I started one. It is an easy project to pick up for a quick minute. It will be for a gift I’m sure.
Also still am working on the Norgi baby sweater – Oh my gosh it is so cute. I’m almost finished with the body – pictures when the pattern part is complete.
The Forest Canopy Shawl is still in progress as are my modified Monkey Socks. (These are my Weight Watchers project – 10 pounds! – Now that I’m kidless I can do better) Also the Celtic Cardigan is sitting by my chair begging to be finished.
Before blogging I would have never had more than one project on the needles nor would I have had a stash. You all have enabled me towards bad habits! Thanks a lot!
We are supposed to have beautiful weather the next few days – 70’s. So will hopefully be outside raking leaves and general cleanup projects! Enjoy it while it lasts because there was snow on the ground over the weekend!
I promise to have photos of WIP next post – until then hope all is well with you!


Sharon said...

Always happy to enable another knitter. I have other questionable habits if you'd like me to share with you. Chocolate anyone?

Pat K said...

You're not the only one who's been enabled into bad habits...

Roxie said...

Yayy for the job! Wahooo!

The WIP sound grand. I look at it as life insurance. I can't die and leave things unfinished.