Saturday, December 15, 2007

Just have a moment to remind the world that I'm still alive...just been really busy. Had a flurry of work related activities that kept me flying for a few weeks. Now the big wait is on. But will be working full time again right after Christmas - for at least a few months. I'd better explain...I've worked part-time for the last five years (usually in addition to a regular full time job) for a developer. Really work as his personal assistant on projects outside the development..including managing his photo library and working on research on a book he is writing. I also fill in on occasion for his full time office manager when she is gone on vacation - which in the past has been up to a month at a time. Well she's off again for two-three months and I'm going to fill in. The other development project is in a slump again while we wait for the State of Oregon to decide how to handle stupid laws that uninformed voters voted for. But by the time the two-three month gig is up - the other should be back in full looks like I'll be busy -
Whoo Hoo!

Have been working on the Christmas decorations - all the family will be here this year - and tomorrow is the tree day. College girl is home for the holidays so we can finally get that done.

I've done almost all my shopping (remember my vow not to knit gifts this year....lied, but forgot to take a picture of the hat I knit, but you can check it out here)

I've wrapped everything and sent stuff away to my Dad in California - I sent his girl friend the Autumn Canopy Shawl and him one of those digital picture is it cool. I loaded it with family pictures that I collected from my brother and sister and all the kids. It was really fun and I know that he'll like it.

I've got the master grocery shopping list completed for the Christmas Eve dinner (our big family meal), Christmas day breakfast and all the leftover feasting...I'm organized!

Next week is Christmas shopping with College girl, haircuts, doctor appointments, work meetings and getting ready for the onslaught to begin next Sunday when there will be 10 people living in my house for a few days!!! College girl has prepared me for the changes - her stuff is of course everywhere - piles of laundry, scattered shoes in hallways and stuff all over the kitchen counter...Oh I love it!!!

I have been knitting (got the hat finished) a little in the evenings - working on the Norgi sweater - I'm on the second sleeve. Have decided that I want to do the Central Park Hoodie for College girl - I may have to make a stop at the LYS for her to pick out the color!

So I anticipate that this will be the last post til after the New Year. I will be thinking about all of you....Annie I am wondering if you got hit with the snow and ice? Rhonda - so sorry about the Gloucester fire....Roxie - oh those hot tropical nights! and Pat - wish I could motivate myself to walk as often as you do, my WW efforts would be more successful I'm sure, but I'm down 15 pounds - 5 short of my Christmas goal, but I'll get there!

I do hope that everyone has the best Christmas ever and that you all enjoy your families and that Santa brings you all fiberly wonderfulness!!


Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I had originally thought I wasn't going to knit Christmas gifts this year either ... but changed my mind by August. I usually start in February when I make everyone a gift ... so maybe I need to just PLAN to knit & get it over with. Knitting seems to suck me in at the last moment every year. And this year I haven't finished yet. Blah.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Pat K said...

Happy and blessed Christmas to you too. I'm only knitting now for NEXT Christmas!

Roxie said...

Busy is good. Enjoy every minute! May your holidays be merry and bright.

If your boss wants a proofreader/copy editor for his book, I have a friend who does an excellent job for a thousand dollars per book.