Thursday, November 29, 2007


I haven't knit a stitch in days! But today is it - back to the routine. Have been working very long days - up to midnight the last few days! But am now finished...for a few days anyway. But I have had a wonderful assistant...

And the atmosphere is inviting....I've had Christmas music on the iPod - scared the dog when I started singing outloud! An enjoyable time!

In the midst of all that I've been car shopping for daughter....of course she is tied up at work and can't do it. She hit a deer last week and the insurance company totalled her car - but we found a better replacement which we pick up tomorrow. She is 'stoked' as she says! I'm totally jealous - it's a red 4-Runner - I used to have one before the kids got to big for the back seat and we had to up-size. Then when they started moving out I down sized again. But I love my car, but hers is awfully pretty!

I obviously haven't been knitting much - although I did start a fun dishcloth - will finish this afternoon. Then back to the same old wips - But I think once I finish Norgi I'm going to start a vest for me - I've always wanted one and this is a good time. It will be fast I hope. Oh I forgot - I started a hat for a Christmas gift - more on that later. We had snow last night - yea! But of course it's almost gone now, but they say more is on the way. I love it - it could snow all winter and I'd be happy!

So here's to snowflakes and knitting time!


Ina said...

"Scared the dog"? That's some holiday spirit!

Pat K said...

"Scared the dog"? Come on, the singing can't be that bad! ;-)

Roxie said...

Love the Christmas tree quilt over the fireplace!!

Happy knitting and may you find the perfect vest pattern!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I have a way of scaring PEOPLE when I sing, LOL. I spent yesterday afternoon trimming the tree along with Christmas music. It puts me in the spirit for Christmas!