Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Weather keeps changing

College Girl is home for a week! I spent last Wed/Thur worrying about how she was going to get here - considering that the pass was closed twice because of Avalanches.....and closed again today and they say it won't be open again for a few days! The other pass was clogged with traffic and more snow than they've seen in years. So needless to say she came around the very long way - up the valley, up the Columbia River Gorge and then down through Central Oregon. She was just between storm warnings on this side of the Cascades and she made it just in time - the question is will she get back next weekend!

We've had back to back major snow storms - but unfortunately Redmond is just enough east of the Cascades that we don't get a lot - on the other hand - Bend (13) miles away got a ton! What wimps - they even canceled school one day last week - it was just snow not ice!! But all is now well.

REI Girl came and spent the night last night and I got one of my favorite moments this morning - two sleepy girls sitting at the kitchen counter teasing each other about how wonderful they look! Simple pleasures!

Today is catch up day (since I worked yesterday - 6 days a week -whew!). My laundry, housework and the dreaded bill paying process. Then I'll be sitting down to watch Superbowl commercials and working some more on this....The girls think it is too 'grandma' - I don't! I'd like to figure out some pretty fringe - but no beads - that will make it too heavy I think - plus they'd get lost! Then I've got to figure out a new project- oh yea - I could go back to the Celtic Cardigan couldn't I? Well see!!

I got a call from the recipient of the Norgi Baby Sweater - she was so sweet (Baby is due tomorrow!) It was very gratifying to knit a gift that I knew would be special and appreciated. This is the first Grandchild in my group of friends (We were 'older' mothers) so it's a pretty special event! I'll be awaiting the call from Grandma Jill!

Enjoy your week!!

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Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

To "gramma"? M-m-m-m. I don't see it. But then I'm a Grandma 18 times, so what do I know?