Sunday, January 27, 2008

I had help!

Pumpkin came in from the snow to help me finish these socks. The yarn is Rio de la Plata from Uruguay....nice to knit with. The pattern is the Tidal Wave again - easy peasy to memorize. I made these for a friend of REI girl. REI Girl has been going through the typical January depressive episode - pretty difficult this time. REI friend has been there and has been very appreciated. Since we've had real winter weather recently - I thought warm socks were a good thank you! REI Girl is doing much much better - I think we are through the worst of it - but it's been a scary few weeks to say the least. Huge crys and adjusted meds seem to be working. Good - I need a good nights sleep!

This snow arrived today - hurray - we finally got some here instead of just Bend. It's pretty wet so I'm sure tomorrows drive to work will be exciting to say the least. I have to admit that I love it - next place I live will have to have more! Everyone has been complaining about how cold it's been... -2 in the mornings last week. It just makes me feel old because I start telling stories about when I moved here in 1972 - we had -25! Now that's cold. I also remember a winter when the kids were little that there was snow on the ground - Thanksgiving thru March - it was great. I can feel global warming. It's definitely changed in my lifetime!
So now I'm going to work on a scarf (the angora one) for me - or maybe it will be put away for gifting later....I'm going to be prepared for next Christmas - yea right!
Good week all!!


Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Love the socks.

I've started making plans for next year's Christmas knits also. Got to start early these days. But will I stick with it? That is the question ...

Pat K said...

I like the snow, too, and wish we got a bit of it on a regular basis. I've been knitting on Christmas gifts, as well, and hopefully can stick with the plan.

Roxie said...

Being born and raised in Redmond, I can tell stories right along with you. Hot summers, and bitterly cold, dry winters. There used to be less precipitation, but I remember a couple of winters when we built enormous snow forts. Almost never a white Christmas, almost always a white Easter.

This is our fortieth year reunion, isn't it? Has anyone planned anything? Are you going to the Old Girl / New Girl Tea?

Jane said...

Beautiful snow! Send some to NC as soon as you can,