Saturday, March 15, 2008

I need a mom-nurse and another project complete

No I'm not sick - but College Girl is...this is a bit involved and maybe not related but - a week ago at the college dining hall she bit down and found a piece of glass in her desert. Glass shattered and she thought she got it all out. (College is accepting responsibility - no problem there) later that evening she felt a very sore spot in throat and since clinics where all closed I suggested she go to ER. I figured if it was a piece of glass stuck - she better get it out before it got infected. While there they used a fiber-optic device which they first inserted in her mouth and down her throat, then up her nostril and then the other nostril. NEVER ONCE CLEANING THE DEVICE! Not after they brought it into the exam room or between mouth and nostril - not once! Is this OK?

They never found anything. Next day she discovers ONE white spot on the side of her throat. Throat still had a sore spot that she could feel, but not where spot was. Next day she is home and I take her to our Doc - he says white spot can be normal, no fever, probably just fine.

Last night (at school) she had high fever, sweaty, goosebumps, delirious, headache, lost her dinner (Plain rice because she wasn't feeling well) etc. This morning she feels fine. But last night really scared her - she said she couldn't wake up and talk I'm a little concerned. I told her if her fever spikes again to get herself to Hospital or clinic ASAP (of course campus clinic not open on weekends) I being paranoid? I'm just a little concerned about procedure with scope at Hospital - seems a little sloppy to me. I'm sure she'll be fine but I could use a mom-nurse(my mom was a nurse which was real handy)!

I have been knitting on two color socks - trying to learn to carry both colors in one hand - since I knit continental - this is working well. The brown pair are Laila's Socks from Folk Knitting in Estonia - I'll do these again - maybe more colorful next time. But remember I'm just using stash these days so my options are currently limited!

The red and white socks are Hearty-Stripy from a Ravelry contributor. I like these too. I'm really trying to stock up the gift stash with socks....I don't want to leave anyone out when Christmas rolls around next year!

Winter is back in Central Oregon again - happens every year - just when we have to take the studded tires off our cars! Lots of snow in the mountains, but hopefully roads will be clear by next week when College girl comes home for spring break.

Have been very productive today - GOT TAXES FILED - WaaHooooo! Refund is on it's way and not a moment to soon - my water heater is on it's last legs - one short shower is all it will produce! I think I'm tired of being a homeowner! Seriously - if it weren't for the market I'd sell and downsize. Wishful thinking I'm afraid.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week - looking forward to seeing all my new friends at Knitting Meet-up!


Pat K said...

Hope College Girl is better soon. How worrisome for you. The socks are nice. I want to knit the Nancy Bush ones sometime as well.

Melissa said...

I don't think you can infect yourself from nose to mouth or vice versa, because they're totally connected already. If there's bacteria in one there will be in the other. Scary symptoms though! See you Wed.! Melissa

Ina said...

I hope College Girl is better soon! The socks are fabulous.

Roxie said...

Glass in the food? Call the news media fer crying out loud! This is bad, BAD stuff! What are they doing to make sure it doesn't happen again? Hope CG recovers quickly and with no after-effects. What an awful thing to happen!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

The glass thing is AWFUL! And you're not being paranoid. Serious sicknesses can be caught in college. With close contact with others ... and with her being someplace else there'll always be concerns. Hey, you can never stop being a Mom.

Hope she's well soon.

And how'd that glass get there anyway?