Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The End

Actually - Finishing!! I've decided that I'm not going to the Black Sheep Gathering or the Oregon Flock and Fiber - I'm going to The Knitting Guild of American Fall show instead and I'm taking a "Finishing" class from Nancy Wiseman!!! I am so excited to do this - finishing is the thing I need to do better - really better - and this will be the perfect class for me. The show will be fun because all the usual vendors will be there (but I don't see Blue Moon listed yet). So instead of saving my fiber dollars for stash enhancement - it's going to technique enhancement - a good investment I figure. Since each of these Fiber extravaganzas is a $75 drive - only one is reasonable!!

I actually have 'finished' something - the hat to this set. Into the gift stash it goes - actually I'm planning on giving to my niece who will be going to college in Minnesota next fall. Her birthday is the first day of classes - so this is perfect!!

Mother's Day with kids was wonderful (of course!), job is great, weather is improving (90 this weekend), garden will be planted! Life is good.


Pat K said...

love the set -- very nice. You are lucky to be able to get away and take a good class. Learn lots!

Melissa said...

Are you going to stay over Sat. night? There's a class I want to take Sat. afternoon and Sunday morning. I hate to think of both of us driving up separately!

Kathy said...

Great gift. My sister and her hubby are Vets at the Vet school at U of Minn. Your neice will get lots of use with those.

Fun to see the monkey face

Kukka-75 said...

Nice to hear from you! Your niece is getting wonderful present. Here was quite warm also today. I was already bored for coldness so I like it!