Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bad Blogger - again!

Sorry it's been so long....but I've been super busy. You know, the usual stuff of life. Work has been good but exhausting and I've come home to nap every evening it seems. I'm still having a blast and loving every minute of it! Yahoo!
Consequently I haven't been knitting much - just slowly working on the Forest Canopy Shawl. Only a few more repeats and into the gift stash it will go. Since I haven't been to knitting group in a few weeks (Gas is just to expensive) I haven't worked on the plain jane pink socks either. But am planning on going this week.
The gas budget is shot this week anyway. (I made two weeks on a tank of gas!) I've got to drive over to the Valley to haul home the possessions of the College Girl. It's finals week coming up and then she's done - hurray! One year down. She got her financial aid package for next year - 100%. I am soooo thankful! She is home this weekend for her birthday, a doctors appointment and to start work on her summer job. So it's hectic around here. The next weekend is the high school graduations of two of my nieces - different families - different sides of Oregon - luckily different days. So there will be more driving - very early in the morning to get there in time. But these are the last ones - so we'll have a break for a few years! Oh my - they grew up too fast!
Last weekend we had record breaking high temps - it was in the 90's - so got lots of gardening done. Planted a few veggies - good thing I didn't do more because now winter is back. It's rained and been cold since last Monday. Short summer we had! The weather has been so weird everywhere.
I've started my summer reading blitz - finished The Namesake and if you lived here. Both wonderful - good book club reads! Tonight I've got nothing to read - so I think it might be a movie and knitting! Sounds good to tomorrow I cook the Birthday feast for the family! It's the Ex's birthday too and he's coming with his lady friend - so have to put out the best. Truly I'm not trying to impress her -but it's College Girls big day!
Enjoy the long weekend with your families and remember those loved ones who aren't with us!


Roxie said...

Ahh, Super Julie flies again! I hope that birthday feast is a rousing success!

Pat K said...

Enjoy the feast and the celebration!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Sounds like you couldn't be any busier. I have barely touched the garden ... other than building up the soil by fertilizing last month. Will plant this weekend tho. But my perennials are happy and blooming all over the place.

I stopped my knitting only long enough to clean the living room. MUST do one room at a time, LOL. Enjoy the celebrations & feasts!