Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun but Disappointing

The Knitting Guild of American Show was this weekend. Due to the gas expense I almost didn't go...but had already decided that this was my present to myself instead of the Blacksheep Gathering and the Oregon Flock and off I went. I took a great class from Nancie Wiseman the guru of finishing. What I nice lady. I learned a lot of good helpful hints and am really glad I took the class.
Of course - the other part I was really looking forward to was the Market - I was sadly disappointed. Most of the vendors were local Portland Yarn stores. Blue Moon wasn't even there! I cruised through a few times and did not buy a single thing. I This was the best booth - RedFishDyeworks- incredible colors. It was fun to meet other knitters and take the class. But I heard a lot of comments that there weren't many vendors for the market.

Had a nice visit with the family at my sisters. College girl and two friends came up to hang out, do homework, swim and shop. They had a great time! My brother had been fishing on Saturday and come home with fresh crab - yum!

Today was the first of numerous fall events at the Ranch. A Native American presentation in honor of the Board and major donors of the High Desert Museum. Knitting group buddy Melissa was there (she's just started her new job at the Museum and is loving it). It was a beautiful afternoon and entertaining and fun. The dancers were terrific - the beadwork is awesome!
The next few weeks are going to be busy here as REI girl is moving home to save money for the Africa adventure. Only 6 weeks left - OMG!! She is really getting excited and anxious at the same too!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the cool evenings of fall - almost sock weather!!!

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Kukka-75 said...

Nice to hear that you enjoyed the class. Hope you have grate fall events! We have a bit chilly here so must knit warm socks =)