Sunday, August 31, 2008

Where did it go?

It’s over – not only in the traditional - it’s Labor Day (must be the end of summer) but weatherwise too! We actually are under a freeze warning for tonight….I haven’t even seen a red tomato on my vines yet! This is some kind of a joke I’m sure.

I took College Girl over to school last Thursday – actually she took herself…I followed behind with a second full load of “dorm essentials.” You’d think she was never coming home again! Her room is much smaller than last year’s so much of it will return to storage. But she’s there and totally happy to be back.

Me? Well last year’s novelty of having an empty (read: clean, uncluttered, no shoes to trip over, no water dripping in the bathroom, quiet, no “There’s nothing to eat” etc) home has now faded dramatically! I’m sure I’ll get over it – but it’s pretty quiet and empty around here now!

I spent a few days at the Sisters – which was good for her because she too is now facing the empty house after getting her youngest daughter settled at college. She has a DH so it’s a little easier for her. I was spoiled by tomatoes out of her garden – tasted like sweetened summer. Her DH is a great cook and naturally spoiled us!

I did get to spend some time with the cousins. Some parts were great – others not so much. Ruthie and Sarah continue to make amazing progress. Both are out of the ICU and as of Thursday we think both have had their last surgeries. Sarah may go home in a few weeks – she had her last surgery on Thursday. Ruthie will probably be transferred to a rehab facility closer to home in a month or so. Hopefully home for Christmas. Christopher is back to being a pretty normal 12 year old boy. It was great to actually see and visit with them. Once again, we are all so grateful for the amazing amount of support. Wednesday before I got there, a fund raising run was held for their benefit – my Sister said there were over 300 people there! Everyone has commented about how many lives this accident has touched. It is so tragic, yet it has really renewed everyone’s faith in others.

I did figure out what to knit – both Ruth and Sarah will be wearing compression gloves for 12-18 months – and will have trouble regulating their temperatures – so fingerless mits seem perfect. Fun and practical! I’m not sure about socks - but will keep that in mind too. For now the mits will be great.

I also spent an afternoon with my Dad – trying to get his affairs in order and make some decisions about his future care. He is fading fast – the dementia worsens every day it seems. But he has a wonderful lady friend who is willing to stick by his side for the time being. She is physically limited in her abilities – but sharp as a tack. I am so thankful she is part of his life. Her companionship has made him so happy. We should all be as lucky.

I am going back over weekend after next for the Knit and Crochet show – and take the Fine Finishing Class from Nancy Wiseman – I can’t wait. This is my vacation for the year – well worth it!

Hope you all enjoy the end of summer, now that the cold is here, there will be more knitting appropriate blogging to come!!


Pat K said...

So cold already? Sheesh! Glad to hear that medical progress is being made. Here's to continued improvement and quick homecomings!

Kukka-75 said...

Same here, in the night only 1 celsius, and moring 3 C. Soooo cold... All the best for Ruthie, Christopher and Sarah! May the strength of family carrie them. And I hope you can also enjoy the silent of your home...=)

Sharon said...

What a lot you have on your plate right now, Julie. You are sounding positive and upbeat about it, and I know that helps your family cope. Best of luck for the near future. (And the far away also of course :)