Monday, February 23, 2009

Not so enthusiastic

I've got projects going - I'm just not that into them... Don't know why but I can't decide which one to pick up. These socks are from free yarn I got at the Knit and Crochet show last fall. Love the colors - I think I'm just socked out.
This "Sunrise-Sunset" scarf is just feather and fan - the picture doesn't do the colors justice. It's really pretty...will go into the gift stash. I'm totally into scarves these days but I've got enough winter ones. What I really want to do is this vest. OK why is blogger doing this to me. Anyway I've got to find the right yarn. Checked out one LYS tonight - no luck. Saturday I'll venture out again!

Am still working at getting healed - this is not what I expected. I'm very annoyed - everything that touches my skin is irritating - except for one PJ top. As soon as I get home on it goes! It's actually soothing! I do have long periods when I feel pretty normal - then I reach for something or bump into something and the day is ruined. Usually by evening the swelling has begun to bother me and I'm pretty annoyed! REI Girl brought me a really neat necklace from Tanzania - it's lightweight and shouldn't bother me - OMG in a few hours it was off! It's long and just sits at the wrong spot. Clothing is a real challenge...I'm really worried about summer - it won't exactly be sweater weather. Which is why I want to knit the vest above.

I do have to do a shoot out about my docs - Dr. J, Dr. D and the team - they are the best and I feel so honored to be in their hands!

I know - I will get better - it's just a long road. One stitch at a time!


Pat K said...

The scarf looks very nice! And even with all your current difficulties, it's easy to see that you are healing, even if it's going much too slowly! Hang in there; I'm still keeping you in my prayers for healing.

Kukka-75 said...

Wish you lots of strength and patience. Really beautiful colours in that scarf!

Your favorite daughter! :) said...

Hang in there momma! I know it's tough, but you'll be better in no time! You always tell us to stay postivie about things, so therefore, I expect you to stay positive too! I'm not sure you can be so supa-bitchin if you don't have a positive attitude! :) Love you!

Roxie said...

Awesome scarf, fun socks.

You're going to work? Oh My God, girl! You are my hero!

I'm envisioning post surgery clothing that hang from the shoulders, and are held away from the body with a springy hoop in the hem. Kind of a portable tent. At least it would give you something to laugh at.

Isn't it astounding how often we hit our chests without thinking about it? Carrying, dressing, just moving around. I'm sending you lots of heal-fast prayers!!