Saturday, February 07, 2009


The girls and I walked on the Deschutes this morning - oh it felt good. We're having a nice weekend - but snow is again in the forecast - so am glad we got out!I got Hillary's socks in the mail - but forgot to take a picture of them finished. Dumb. Have started Ameila's - Smooshy in Ruby River - love this yarn and color. Pattern is a Zig Zag Eyelet - Cast on 70 stitches. Wish I could finish them sooner as it's her birthday next week - but won't happen. A belated wish!

College girl is asking for socks - oh gosh I hate it when that happens - just another excuse for her mother to knit socks!!! I think I'm finally converting my family to hand knits!

Feeling better this week - I've resigned myself to drugs...the healing goes on! Seeing the surgeon this week - am anxious to find out why I've got these hard ropes of tissue that don't seem to be going away. They are very tight and annoying. All and all I've been mending and doing better! Will probably work full days this week...I hate the thought of getting up early in the morning - it's such a chore. Staying up late knitting doesn't help either! Oh well!
Knit Peace!


Annie said...

Yes, when progeny ask for handknits, there is no refusing... ;p

I'm glad you're recovering. You have such a great attitude, I know you'll be all right.

Pat K said...

All of this too shall pass. Certainly your knitting hasn't suffered. I love the new socks. Hang in there!

Kim said...

I'm just catching up on blogs after having my baby 9 months ago - wow you had big news and it's already over. I'm so glad you made the choice you did and that you feel good about it. I hope every day you feel better.

Roxie said...

The ruby river socks look stunning! and of course you need to knit when the progeny request it. How flattering! Knitting for girls is lots more interesting than knitting for men. Imagine doing size 11 in dark navy - absolutely plain. Boooooooring!

Kukka-75 said...

Glad to hear that you are better. Hope you get off those ropes, too =)
Beautiful yarn!
Here it´s very cold again, -15 celcius...