Sunday, April 05, 2009

TWO, Two, 2 - Finished!

I know - I've done nothing buy complain about winter this year - but above is the proof that this too shall pass. Spring is here today - it's 65 out and I'm loving it!

loving it so much - the photo shoot could take place outside!
The vest - should have made it a size smaller - but I'm going to still wear it and like it. Four Seasons "Man's" Vest - I'd do this again!
The Eyelet Yoke Baby Cardigan - will be another do it again. Had the Cashmerino in stash - so it will be a great gift for a new member of the Ranch family. It was super easy and super quick. The color is more red than pink - so cute!

Life continues to throw us all curves - today (Sunday mind you) I discovered that my water heater has been leaking - ruining the dry wall, growing that awful mold, needs to be replaced! I don't have the time or cash to deal with it - so my newly paid of credit card will be put back into action - not that I can pay it...but it's a start.

With regard to what the girls are now calling "The Booby Memoirs" - the healing continues. Still hurts, still can't sleep well, now getting cramped muscles - boring and frustrating. It will get better. Thinking about a "scar revision" - Doc says it would help alot....and how am I going to pay for that? This is ridiculous, I'm tired of being hit by things beyond my control!

REI Girl and I are embarking on a self improvement project - otherwise known as a diet...I have all my old Weight Watchers materials - so today we made a list,checked it for points and did a weeks worth of shopping. We are walking this afternoon. This will be more challenging for her as she is home most of the time - REI has cut everyone to 2-3 days a week - so she is getting bored! Once again it's not as though there are jobs available to fill in. She's thinking about going back to school (yea!) next fall, but also wants to go back to Africa. To have such choices!

Busy week knitting projects to discover....warm weather to enjoy, what could be better!


Roxie said...

lovely finished objects! That baby jacket is darling! Hope the healing hurries up.

Mette said...

They both look relly nice! We have quite cold yet but I hope is soon warmer =)

Marianne said...

:) Your vest looks perfect momma! Who's having a baby?? I miss you, and of course love you bunches!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those curves life throws us are such fun to try to maneuver. Seems like they're never ending - I'll take a straightaway please!