Thursday, October 29, 2009

In the works

Hah - I even have pictures this time!! I'm on my way to the big city (Which Dad informed me had been moved) to look after Dad for the weekend. In between house cleaning and organizing I hope to start some more socks - don't have a pattern - but maybe something with a cable up the sides? We'll see what develops! This yarn was a gift from my Stitch and B*tch group - they are such great ladies!The other photo is the sweater I've been working on. After figuring out the stitch pattern errors it's going pretty well. Hopefully I'll finish it this winter sometime so I can use it! Socks and little things keep getting in the way!!

Will also get to visit with The Nurse this weekend - I'm bringing her dog with me - I'm not liking this puppyhood. She's really sweet - but is taking a long time to learn to behave! Her latest adventure destroyed every hose in my yard...and I had a bunch! Luckily I'm not watering anymore this year. Wish I could leave her in Portland for a week! Maybe a change of scenery will calm her down - doubtful!
Happy Halloween!!


Gramma Phyllis said...

Hope you can finish the sweater before the Oregon winter settles in. The color alone will keep you warm. Love the color of the sock yarn as well. It looks like some that is in my stash waiting until all the mittens for 5 grandkids are finished as they will be needed here in Upstate NY.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Love the sweater ... color & texture is beautiful. I have a couple I should get back to also.

Happy knitting.

Anonymous said...

Momma you can always leave her here with me! :)