Thursday, October 01, 2009

First Snow

First Snow - carry tire chains recommended over the pass - last Sunday it was 80!! Only in Central Oregon!

I apologize for not updating sooner. Life has been so delicious and busy that I've barely had the energy to function - much less knit and blog! The girls are doing great - REI Girl is enjoying again the busy life of a college student and The College Girl (Now known as The Nurse) is in Portland in the Nursing school - loving it!!! I am so proud of both of them. It was kinda bitter sweet when The Nurse returned to school - the girls have really enjoyed each others company this summer and really kept me entertained! The Geek is having some work challenges - he's the only employee left - but I think this is a long term relationship.

My life has been interesting to say the least. Work is embattled at times - we are definitley affected by the housing markets and other things beyond our control. I really don't know who long I'll have a job - another month maybe? I actually believe it will all work out!

Naturally I have been knitting a bit - had some real problems with my latest sweater - an Amy McElwain design from Ravelry. Turns out the chart legend and the written stitch instructions were wrong. It took me awhile to figure it out - and Amy has corrected the pattern. I'm now back on track. Pictures soon!

I have to find the perfect "guy" sock - as I think I have a new BF! Actually it's a 30 year friendship that has new dimensions. Totally unexpected (isn't that the way?). I'm giddy with that first blush. A whole new knitting opportunity - I know - don't knit him a sweater! This is all so new to me - this relationship deal - new but delicious. I am enjoying every bit!

Hopefully I'll keep my blog more up to date...glad to be back!


Morgan said...

I must say its kinda weird hearing about your moms new BF via a blog. I guess thats how things work now. Make sure you update your Facebook status as well. Real trick is deciding between "It complicated" and "In a relationship", congrats :)

P.S. some how I think this is going to turn into "You don't call enough"

Love you

Roxie said...

From 30 years ago? Way to recycle!

And thanks for the picture of the Sisters with snow. For some reason it makes a rightness in my heart to see that.

Mette aka mettuska said...

Congrats to you! Really nice to hear that you are doing well :D

Marianne said...

I'm with you there Morg! Wasn't sure it was up to boyfriend status yet... goodness! Love you Momma - about time you updated it!