Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beware - Knitting Content

See - I told you I have pictures next time...I didn't promise good pictures! Socks with cables. Not very exciting, but between these and the sweater, knitting is producing results! I've decided I really like cables - they're fun to do and keeps you busy.

As usual life is always interesting. My weekend with Dad was good - he was good most of the time. Alzheimer's is so interesting - it seems there are certain things that get stuck in his brain - he's had this particular notion about an investment - he never stops talking about it. He's been bringing it up for over a year now. He's so sure it's going to make him rich...but he's never invested and couldn't anyway...I'm sure it's really confusing to him and that's sad to watch. He still is so good natured and optimistic about life. He does pretty well by himself and I am very grateful for my sister who takes him out often and looks in on him almost every day.

The Relationship is interesting also - there was lot's of big talk and plans for the future - but little in the way of real communication. I don't know where this is leading or if it's really leading any where - time will tell. There are so many issues and baggage involved. I do hope it works out. I'm not sure if the Don't knit a sweater for a BF shouldn't be amended to Don't knit for a BF...but he did like the socks I think.

Work is still the Drama Center of the World - it's really wearing me down. I'm not as Pollyanna as I used to be. The actors keep changing every week, as well as the plan. Luckily the objective to keep working is still part of the deal. But it is getting tiring and I'm bored with all the drama!

But also wonder if that's a side effect of some meds I'm taking. When I started taking Tamoxafin (for the Breast Cancer) I had terrible (and I mean terrible) hotflashes - vertigo, etc. The first time I thought I was having a stroke - it was really scary. This was no ordinary hotflash. So I'm taking an antidepressent that also controls the hotflashes. It seems to be working for that. But it also uped my blood pressure and made me a really happy camper - (maybe that was The Relationship), but that seems to have calmed down - thank goodness I felt like a coiled spring. Now I'm getting tremors in my hands - when I'm knitting - which makes socks challenging because everything is more precise! Recently I've been wishing I had my old life back - pre cancer, pre job drama, pre Relationship - I was doing fine then. Now everything presents it's own challenges.

Like I had two flat tires yesterday - put my winter studs on because my old tires were so bald I was almost skating, and the next day both front tires were flat - how does that happen? Went to mow up the last of the leaves and my riding lawn mower was dead - now even if I get it fixed - it's too wet to pick them up! It never ends!

But I've got plenty of yarn! What else do I need - a vacation!!


Anonymous said...

Chemo can be tricky and interesting. My perspiration on chemo (hot flashes) smelled like cat urine. Keep your chin up life (and knitting) is worth it.

Roxie said...

Getting older is not for sissies. These changes keep happening whether we want them/ like them or not. One hundred years ago, the average life expectancy for a man was 47 years. I'm afraid you just can't go back to the good old days.

The socks are lovely. Good work!

Pat K said...

No, you can't go back but you can go through. Hang in there!

Mette aka mettuska said...

I wish you a lot of strength and happiness. You have very challenging time now. Luckily there´s always lot of beautiful yarn but we aurely need more time with it :)
Lovely socks you are knitting!

Mette aka mettuska said...

aurely = surely :D