Thursday, December 10, 2009


Christmas mittens - but a litle too big. I only have part of the ball band, but it says 83% wool, 10% mohair and 7% Acrylic - so do you think it might felt a little if I threw it in the washing machine? I won't start the second one until I decide - don't really want to frog it all!!

Life is as always interesting. The drama at work continues, but might be over soon. Hopefully because I'm really tired of it!

Family is good. REI Girl is moving into her own place - hopefully Saturday - but snow is in the forecast and I don't want to pull the trailer in those conditions.

The Nurse was home last weekend and will finish up the term in a few more weeks. Her Christmas break is 6 will be nice to have her around.

The Geek continues to hang in there and keep his job - good thing.

I have been knitting of course - but can't show my progress - Santa knows.

The relationship? I don't know what to say - but I think it went by the wayside. There hasn't been any communication in a few weeks - I feel pretty foolish - but what can I say, I trust everyone! Especially someone I've known for 30 years. Men are such cowards.

Christmas tree is up, no packages wrapped - or purchased for that matter! Lot's to do.

Happy Holidays to all


Marianne :) said...

I wonder if you'll still be glad to have me around after I've been home for a month doing nothing. :) I've decided I'm staying here until the 23rd. I want to see the girls and stuff AND Corinne is going to come up and we're going Christmas shopping sometime! Whoo!!! Love you Momma! :)

Roxie said...

Wool and mohair felt really really well. I'd take it into the shower with me and hand-scrub, then block to size. If you throw it in the washing machine, it might wind up as a dense, hard, tiny Chrismas ornament.