Monday, September 20, 2010

Life is good

I was cruising my Ravelry page recently and have realized this has not been a productive knitting year….really – I’ve got very little to show.

Two huge projects went to the wayside after hours of work. The Shawl Collared Sweater was just not to be – even after setting it aside for awhile. My Ene Scarf was my downfall. After starting it over at least 5 times, I got my mojo going and it was progressing. Then I found the error – way down – pattern symmetry was way off…so RIP.

The Baby Sweater was design as you go – so it took longer than usual and then it was summer and I could barely get the buttons put on and the package sent away!

Summer was spent reading – I still need to get all the books listed – so knitting just wasn’t my priority.

This last weekend it rained – I mean really rained. The Man and I went to the outdoor Willie Nelson concert and got soaked to the bone. Thunder and lightening all around. I was plenty warm and we had a great time!! Saturday was football day for Oregon (Oregon State “Go Beavers!” and University of Oregon)– he watched, I knitted. Oh I like this arrangement!!! Am working on my Girl Friday, but will have to put it down to start Christmas…The Man wants more socks – Oh my gosh how did I luck out!! I needed a yarn shopping excuse.

So life is good, fall is here. REI Girl is back in school (Need new name for her – doesn’t work at REI anymore :(...). The Nurse is loving this term but can’t wait to be finished. The Geek is getting his life in order and working hard as always. I’m taking a vacation somewhere…sometime soon - taking my knitting and walking shoes. Maybe the beach? I definitely need it!

Hope all is well – knit on!

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Roxie said...

The Man? THE MAN? Tell us more, my dear!