Thursday, September 09, 2010


Yes, I am alive. Yes, I still knit (but didn't do this), have been working on my Girl Friday. Life is treating me well. New car in garage - what a relief. Ruby is her name - 2011 Outback. (Thanks Dad!) I'm anticipating this is my last car - think I can keep it for 20 years - I hope so.

Fall is definitely here in Central Oregon - too soon for my plans. Going to an outdoor concert - Willie Nelson - next week and need it to be a warm evening! Who wants to be singing in the rain? Well that's OK too.

Have been thinking about Christmas knitting projects - just thinking. Need to have a serious look at what's in my stash and work from there. But do have a gift certificate from last Christmas I can use! Shopping!

Hope all is well with all!!

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Roxie said...

Soewhere there is a pattern for a dissected rat? Knitters are kittle kattle. (incomprehensible creatures.)

Hooray for a new car! What's the job situation? Here's hoping you get your Willie dry and warm.