Monday, October 04, 2010

Three's Company

What’s on the needles? Sorry no pictures because some are gift items…

  1. Red Juno
  2. Brown Girl Friday
  3. Green Flying Geese Socks

What’s on the reading list

  1. The Lucana
  2. Traveling with Pomegranates
  3. Wilderness Warrior

Made a lot of progress on the Christmas items this weekend. I can’t believe I’m thinking Christmas and it isn’t even Halloween yet!

Ordered a bunch of Knit Picks Palette for another Christmas project. It will be my Road Trip take-a-long! Boy do I need this...Road trip that is.

Must get down to only one book – three is too difficult to keep track of. Three knitting projects keeps me from being bored with one. Trouble is I don’t see lots of progress on any single item.

Fall has arrived in Central Oregon – great knitting and homemade soup weather! Halibut Chowder was on the menu on Sunday – Yum!

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