Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby Mitts and the last of the big mitts!

No more Mitts for me - I've made enough pair! Hopefully my order of Palette will come tomorrow and I can start the Dakota Dreams sweater - I can't wait. I'll be doing the hat of the same pattern - someone I know wants one! Once again how did I luck out to find a best friend who loves knitted things. Pinch me!!

Just in case I'm the only one, let me say I am sick of this weather - I know, I love the snow. But I hate the wind when its cold too. Spring - hurry up, I've got a yard to clean up.

Road trip was shortened due to icy highway - but it was a great weekend. Did the above baby mitts for The Nurses suite mates little sis. So I was productive despite distractions.

Big News - The Nurse got her perfect senior practicum - Labor and Delivery at the hospital that does all the high risk deliveries and babies......her last term will be the best!! Her sister (The Nomad) says she will be a perfect L&D Nurse! We're going up to see her next weekend - can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Sooooo cute! :) I have chocolates for you from her momma ;) I'm trying really hard not to eat them before Friday!