Sunday, March 27, 2011

New toys

Oh I can't wait to get this. I've done some investigating and this is exactly what I want. Not only is it better than the one I've seen in stores - but it was on sale. So even with shipping I got a deal. I'm just tired of trying to find the correct circular needle size...measuring the length, what size is the needle? Now I can have them all organized in their little labeled pockets!!

I've started the Dakota Dreams sweater - it's coming along nicely. When I get a little further I photograph.

Spent the weekend in Portland - a little mom time for The Nurse. We had a great time visiting with the family and of course shopping...after all it is the big city and there are real stores there, like Nordstroms! Danger! The daffodils were blooming - and it rained and rained - duh - it's Portland.

I'm told the weather is going to get positively spring like by the end of the week. Does that mean I get to work in my yard. I hope so because it looks pretty bad right now. Lots of downed branches, cones and junk. Lots of raking ahead for me.

hope all is well with your world!

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Roxie said...

Sounds like a great weekend, rain notwithstanding. And the needle case looks awesome!