Friday, April 15, 2011

Knitting Interrupted

No pictures today. My Dakota Dreams is still WIP - but was interrupted by the purchase of a I've got books in my stash! Just one more thing I really need.

Since the weather has definitely not been cooperating with any outdoor opportunities (in other words all it's done is rain and blow) I have been reading and knitting when I'd rather be weeding and raking. What a life!

A friend posted this on her Facebook page and I just had to share with all!

Normal boobs ( . )( . ), Silicone boobs ( + )( + ), Perfect boobs. (o)(o). Some boobs are cold. (^)(^), and some boobs belong to grandmothers \./\./ And let’s not forget the very large boobs (o Y o), and very small boobs (.)(.), and lastly the asymmetrical boobs. (•)(.). We love them all!. Post this message on your wall and say ┌П┐(◉_◉)┌П┐ to breast cancer. Save the ta tas, find a cure!

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Roxie said...

Save the ta tas! Love it!

You can buy my book, Sanna, Sorceress Apprentice, on Amazon for $4.99. And if you post a review, I'll give you $5. It's got knitting and horse races and boarding school and dancing girls and lots of fun stuff in it.