Monday, May 09, 2011


Isn't this the cutest thing.....Elephants on Parade....gleaned from Dakota Dreams Elephant Tam. Baby sweater for a friend of the Nomads (OMG are they old enough to be having babies?) Only problem is I ran out of yarn - KnitPicks Stroll in Blue Topaz.

This is all that's left and I have another sleeve and the raglan to do. How could I be so stupid? So I've sent the 911 to everyone on Ravelry who has it listed in their stash. Oh this is because KnitPicks is out until August. This will not do!

So am back to this sweater - love it.

Have been trying to get my yard in shape - its a little difficult when we are having "Thunder Snow" seriously I don't think spring is coming to the High Desert. But between the snow, sleet, rain and cold, I've got my yard pretty much cleaned up. Wednesday they say it will be decent - so in goes the veggie garden. The Man requested (!!!!!!) Zucchini, so of course I had to oblige. I'm trying a new approach this year - we discussed raised beds but there isn't time, so I'm going to use the old tires that I've never gotten to the recycle place. Hopefully this will temper the effects of the cooler weather. I got everything tilled so planting is next. Also am totally redoing the front beds - bring on the bark dust. Nothing grows well there anyway so I moved what was left to the back yard where they will get better care.

I've been busy! Tomorrow I'm starting the adventure with Weight Watchers again. I tried the quit smoking business - but the meds just flipped me out, can't take them. So lose some of this extra weight and then try again. Wish me luck. I'm trying to be good to myself! Maybe I should just go buy more yarn??

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Roxie said...

The elephants are too cool for school! The Faire Isle is freaking gorgeous!

Tires make great planters because the black absorbs heat so the roots warm up sooner. Then, in the heat of summer, your zuccini will leaf up and shade them so things don't overheat. Good choice and excellent way to re cycle.