Thursday, September 12, 2013

Road Trip!!

Ravelry has the greatest new feature called Road Trip - it's under the Yarn tab. If you enter your starting point and destination - it will tell you all the Local Yarn Shops along the way!!! This is totally cool. Many times I have planned a trip and spent time figuing out which Yarn Stores are nearby...just want to browse of course.

Finished the Stripes, Checks and Curlicues Vest - finally. The shoulders were way to wide - so cut them down and re did the border. All is perfect. Hand sewed the zipper in - worked great. The Wanderer loves it.

Started the Shalom vest yesterday - had to redo the numbers as I'm making this out of Colinette Cadenza - worsted instead of bulky. There is tons of posts on Ravelry - which are very helpful. Christmas knitting is in full swing. Of course I think I can get so much done - we'll have to see.

Getting the yard ready for winter - why I don't know - it's going to be 90 today! Actually the puppies have done a great job of trimming plants. What are you going to do!!

Knit Peace

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