Wednesday, September 04, 2013

I Steek.....

Yes I steek - but a little differently. Instead of making a one color stripe up the center steek stitch (you can't do that when your using variegated yarn) I put a purl stitch on either side of the center stitch. This makes and easy visual to follow when you machine sew the lines on either side and then a very easy visual to cut by! Works Great!

Pick up the stitches for the ribbing

 And then it gets blocked!!

Still have to do the zipper - but I'm going to use a blocking wire to hold the knitted fabric straight while I sew it in. Then I'm finished. Yippee!! This is for the Nomad. She picked the pattern and the yarn. Turned out great.

Now on to Christmas knitting - long ways to knit!

Look whats in my garden!!

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