Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It's a New Year and I WANT to write more!

As you can see - I haven’t written for a very long time! But have been thinking I’d like to start writing again. As usual I will probably concentrate on my knitting world, but with occasional musing about my awesome family and what I think is my well-lived life. 

Since family is always first I’ll start with that. An update on the other three “M’s” (I’m Mom). Today is the Geek’s birthday! Makes me feel really old! He and his “soon to be Mrs. (she is another “M” so fits in great) are planning their marriage - sometime in the near future! I’ll be an instant Grandmother as she has children. The Geek is really enjoying his role as Step Dad to be. They are making a great life for themselves and I approve unconditionally! Whew - I’m going to be a Mother-in-Law! More knitting opportunities!

The Nomad is settled here at home with me - yea! I like the company and companionship. She is managing the local branch of the college bookstore. Stressfully busy at times and stressfully boring at others and gets constant kudos for her excellent customer service! It’s a great job for her, part-time with lots of interaction with students and staff. 

The Nurse is living her dream - still in Oklahoma. She is a Traveling Nurse now, taking 13 week contracts delivering babies in hospitals in Kansas and Oklahoma. Loving every minute. Serious boyfriend - looks like this is THE one. I hope I can visit this spring.

Then of course there are the dogs - Wally and Gracie. A handful for sure, but always entertaining. They are both 2 now - so am hoping they settle down a bit, but not too much! Gracie is a great knitting helper!

I had a busy knitting season, completed 27 projects for Christmas presents - whew!! Now doing a few things for myself. Will comment on them later.

Life is good, busy, fulfilling and peaceful. What more could I ask for. Hoping it is the same for you!

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