Monday, January 26, 2015

Christmas recap

I started my Christmas Knitting in August last year - decided I was going to do something for all the lady (at least) family and friends. 27 completed objects - all done on time! Wow I won’t try that again. 

6 Cowl/scarf/Shawl
3 Fingerless mitts
1 Toy
6 Spa Cloths
5 Felted Bowls
1 Socks
3 Hats
2 Ornaments.

Just a few examples:

Next year - lots more ornaments - they were really fun and a great way to use up leftovers. All the girls will get one. These will be great fill-in instant gratification projects for all year long. Plus if I start earlier the stress will be less! 

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benilhalk said...

Hey, I just loved your Christmas knitting creativities. I am really impressed with the last one. At some local event venue New York I also took part in knitting competition. Everyone there made so pretty creations. It was just amazing experience to participate there.