Wednesday, March 18, 2015

You can only handle so much

When it rains it pours I guess. A mother's lament!

The Geek and his family have to move out of their house - been there 6 years. Up for sale but out of their price range. Trying to find something else in this market is almost impossible - there just aren't any rentals to be had - especially ones that have  the amenities they've had in the past...big house, great safe neighborhood, adjacent park, quiet cult de sac with playmates and good neighbors. The search is on and might require relocation. Silver lining is  relocation might be closer to me!!

Geek's family car was in an accident - will be borrowing The Nomad's for a well deserved vacation already planned and paid for. Timing is way off but what do you do!

The Nomad has been sick and seems it has developed into staph infection in a tender spot. Going in for mammogram just in case. That's stressful all by itself considering the family history. She doesn't handle stress well.

Written later - funny how things turn out. The Geek has more time than I thought. Can make a better move. Car will be repaired in time for vacation!

Nomad has cysts - not the big scare at all. Issue in our family - Me, my Sister and my Mom - so we have to be diligent. I don't care what the doc says - get a mammogram every year!

New challenge for the day - beautiful weather! So did some yard clean up and was going to finish by picking up all the remaining leaves with the riding lawnmower - not! Seems a belt is broken. Oh well I enjoyed the day outside so not all is lost.

Now I can knit....I'm working on a blanket! Didn't I say earlier that I was going to have only two projects going at the same time and one had to be mindless for Knit Night? Well that's not going to happen.

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