Wednesday, March 04, 2015

I finished Edin! It was a fast knit for me - usually I get bored with sweaters, but this went fast and I love it. I made it a little longer in length, added a few short rows along the back so it hangs better, but it turns out that the sleeves are a little too long - looks sloppy. So I'm going to take them out, tighten them up, made the ribbing a little longer and shorten the overall length. I think it's destined to become my favorite for warmth!!

I've had a fun week - a long time friend is here to visit. We've had a wonderful time reminiscing about old times and new adventures. It's good to keep those memories and gather new ones! The weather has been picture perfect - so friend and her traveling buddy have enjoyed great skiing and hiking. Lucky them - I'm working! (Actually lucky me.)

The weather has been glorious here in Central Oregon - 60s no less. We need the snow so bad but doesn't look like we're going to get any. Wish Boston could share some with us. The Nurse is struggling to commute over icy roads at zero dark thirty in the morning - I worry about her. Even though she grew up driving in dicy conditions, because of a bad accident a few years ago she is very uncomfortable in snow and ice. At least at 5:00 am there isn't much traffic!

Her Boy has just been promoted to Captain, so I'm going to call him "The Captain" from now on. Unfortunately I haven't met him yet - but this seems to be a pretty solid and serious relationship. He is being deployed soon (not in harms way) so it doesn't look like they will come for a visit together soon. They spent Christmas with his family - I'm a little jealous! But she is living the dream and I'm very proud of them both!

The Nomad has recently made a proposal at her work that has garnered great possibilities! It will result in expanded student services on campus and seems to have great potential for success.  The "higher ups" think her proposal is the perfect solution to a long time issue. It is a great idea!

I've got new projects on the needles and too many in the queue! Pictures later.

Life is good! - Gracie and Wally think so too!

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