Saturday, December 31, 2005

10 Things for my better 2006

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10 Things for my better 2006 –

Get a new job!
Cultivate friendships
Stop bumming cigarettes
Encourage joy
Get back into reading
Ride my bike to the new job
Spend more time in the outdoors
Try something more challenging for a knitting project
Help my girls be more independent
Eat healthier

If I can accomplish the first two items – the rest will be easy – they are just frosting and will come naturally.

I have to get a new job – I have two now – one I love and have had for 4-5 years but it’s only part-time-on call. It is fun, challenging, interesting, appreciated, intellectual, satisfying, makes me think, and the setting is incredible. The second is boring, tedious, unsatisfying, unappreciated, the setting is terrible (Chemical smells), but it is stable and has good benefits. But I dread getting up every morning and going to work. I’m not appreciated and I hate the politics. I can either stick it out for another year and half till M3 graduates from High School and then move and reinvent myself or find something better now – which today is what I’d like to do!!

I do need to stop bumming cigarettes – it’s not part of my healthy plan and I can’t go on long bike rides if this keeps up – so I’ll work on it. Last year I spent my tax return on a good road bike – rode it around the neighborhood – but never a real tour. My buddy from Montana has moved back into the area so maybe now I’ll have a partner to ride with – but she will have to be patient with my slow old body for a while!

I do have to cultivate friendships – I seem to have lost many friends in the last few years – changed jobs, people moved etc…..I can’t continue to spend so much time by myself just knitting away – although that is nice too. The M’s will be away to college before I know it and then what do I do!

I used to be an avid reader – but my I needed a new prescription for my glasses and I still am not satisfied with them (thank heavens I can still knit). I belong to a great book club but haven’t read the book for about three months now – really strange for me (too much knitting I think). I am working on compiling the book list and will post it one day soon.

I’ve got to reinvent myself and be prepared for when they are really gone. I need a plan and something to look forward to. I’ve spent the last 24 years being a Mom and now I’ve got to work on just me for a change. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t regret a moment. I’ve been blessed with wonderful children and very good health – but once the kids are on their own – good health doesn’t mean a great life.

So its time to get working! Wish me luck and any suggestions and discussions would be appreciated.

Happy New Year to all!!!

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