Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Interchangeable needles

It's over -
the house is still a mess of course but tonight I come home to my own space - I will miss them all but it's nice to have a break so I can get serious about knitting again.

Especially since a Christmas vest didn't make the cut - it's too big for my sister and I couldn't see wasting all that beautiful yarn - so on Christmas Day I took it all out and have started over!! Just what I needed another project! But I really want it to be right for her and it won't take me that long!

Christmas with my family all here was wonderful despite a few clitches - my Dad and his lady friend arrived 6 hours late.....which was 5 hours of worry about them driving 3 hours in the dark in lots of traffic. We should have been worried - they had a minor accident - not surprising since Dad is 80 years old, it was pouring rain, it was dark and there was tons of traffic. But they finally arrived late Friday night.

Had a wonderful family dinner on Saturday - Christmas Eve is our big dinner - it was fun and sad as we did special things to remember my mom who passed away this last spring. She had some glass icicles that she carefully hung on the tree each year - so I asked my Dad to bring them over and I handed them out to everyone Christmas eve and asked them to hang them on my tree for Mom. I explained that I would bring them to who ever had the family Christmas next year and we could do the same thing. Also Mom's best friend sent us a letter to be read and little silver angle medallions for each of us - so between the two we all shared some tears.

Christmas morning was chaos of course - the kids may be teens plus - but they get just as excited! I got new knitting books and knitting cash which I intend to spend for knitting - not groceries! Who needs food?

Which brings me to the question of the day - I'd like to buy some interchangeable needles - does anyone have any recommendations? I never seem to have the right circular needle (although I have so many it seems - I knit almost exclusively in the round) and thought this might be a good solution. Any thoughts would be really appreciated.

Hope everyone has a knitty new year!!


Lynn said...

I received some Denise interchangeable needles for Christmas. The cord is really soft and flexible, the ends snap on very easily. Some of the tips were a little rough, but a little work with the nail file fixed that (this is recommended in the accompanying pamphlet). They are very, very light, which I found quite strange at first (I have already made a hat) but now I have gotten used to it and I like them a lot. I would definitely recommend them.

JulieLoves2Knit said...

Lynn - thanks for the info - I read a review on Knitty - they liked them too - looks like a good investment!
Thanks and knit on!