Friday, December 02, 2005

Stash and Suggest

I'm having a very boring day at the job I hate - so am spending it wisely and reading other blogs!

What I have found interesting is the huge yarn stashes other knitters seem to have. I probably have enough in my stash to knit maybe 10 pairs of socks and one sweater - that's ALL!! How can you let great yarn sit without creating something and where do you get the money to horde yarn!!

What I wish is for a way to display my yarn - I just love to look at it!!

Once I get through the Christmas rush I'll be on the hunt for a sweater for me - yes, me! I want something with an interesting stitch pattern, knit with sport weight or so yarn, solid color - that I could knit in the round and cut open with a steek. OR maybe a faire-isle - I did a Philosophers Wool cardigan awhile back and really loved it - so any ideas would be appreciated.

The snow is rapidly melting - my least favorite part - hope we get some more. The girls went out and practiced driving in the snow this morning (big sisters CAN be great if given the chance!) and cut bags of Juniper branches with great berries for Yule decorating - the house will smell so good! I don't think I'll get the tree yet - maybe next weekend. I've just got too much to knit to worry about decorating yet! I just hate it when that happens.

I've still got to think of a few presents for those I don't have time to knit for or who wouldn't appreciate it. Geeky son is a perfect example. I've got a big present - but need a few little things to throw in from Santa. He is so hard to buy for - he always gets himself the latest gadgets he wants. Guess I have to just go and shop! Too Bad!

It will be a quiet weekend - the girls have full agendas - M2 is working and M3 will be watching the boyfriend play in a basketball tournament. So it will be knit on for me. Think I'll make a big pot of soup - M1 can come for dinner and install my new garbage disposal - what a thing to break just before you have to cook a ton and no extra pennies!

I just found out this week that a really good friend who has been living in Montana is moving back to Central Oregon - yea - she knits! It will be good to have a buddy around to knit with for a change. Actually I think I may go to the Knitting group tomorrow. I don't usually have a free moment on Sat mornings - but looks like I might tomorrow - so haul out the socks and go!

Hope you all have a good, creative and productive weekend. I know we are all in that rush mode!!

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Nance said...


Thanks for coming to visit my newborn blog. I'm definitely going to be able to use any help I can get (eg, I still haven't figured out how to post pictures) but it's going to have to wait until at least the 20th of December as things are just a wee bit mad till then.

Hopefully after that there will be a small oasis of calm for a couple of weeks. Ha! Who am I trying to kid? Calm, in MY life? Not likely.

But I think your blog name says everything we need to know about how to live life. ;-)