Thursday, January 04, 2007

Winter is here again - yesterday it poured - more rain than the High Desert usually receives in any month - then last night it froze and it snowed. The drive to Camp Sherman this morning was very snowy and it snowed out there all day. It was so beautiful - must remember my camera. Again - I thought I was finished with driving on snowy roads. But the slow time gives me a chance to plan and reflect -

So in 2006 I completed:
6 pairs of socks
3 scarves
1 hat
2 pairs of gloves
4 iPod covers
18 wash-dish cloths
1 bag

I started but didn't complete:
I pair Nordic mittens
Celtic Sweater
Little Lace scarf
Wave scarf
STR Socks

All of which I plan on finishing ASAP......
Mittens are 2/3rds done
Celtic Sweater back finished and fronts started - both together on single needle
Little Lace scarf - long way to go
Wave Scarf - 1/4 finished?
STR Socks - 2nd sock on the needles (I started these to have a Christmas traveling project)

I also have to knit a baby sweater this month (baby came early) -all is OK
and another iPod cover - with a Pirate design - fun.

I'd like to do a sweater for both daughters and of course get socks started for next Christmas.....see Abigail's plan.

Looking at all the other accomplishments - mine is pale in comparison! Everyone does so much! I just plod along and get done what I can. I do need to start and complete some 'big' projects - like those sweaters. I will, I will! And I want to do socks with some complicated stuff....I've got lots of patterns stashed so that shouldn't be too difficult. The projects I haven't finished are for me - so of course they get put by the wayside pretty easily - but it's now my turn!

By the way - The Sisterhood of the Traveling Stash has left Oregon and headed east....which could be anywhere!! I won't tell! Enjoy.

If I remember my camera I'll get some snow pictures tomorrow - it is so pretty.
ttfn and knit on!


Ann said...

Actually, I'd love some snow... All we've got is 50's, rain, and gush. Thanks for sending the box on her way!

Anonymous said...

Actually I think you've accomplished a lot of knitting for 2006. I hadn't even thought of doing a list. Send PICs of snow ... not the actual stuff please, hehe. We've only had 1 inch so far and that is so UNLIKE New England by January like this. In fact it'll be in the 60s today & tomorrow ... unreal. Happy knitting!

Roxie said...

Drive carefully and watch out for deer.

Your knitting sounds quite respectable. And sweaters - for TWO girls ? Better get started right away. If you finish one and not the other . . . ah heck, I know you. You'll get them both done and wrapped if it means staying awake for a week!

Pat K said...

Yes, do post some snow pictures -- I actually miss the white sloppy stuff sometimes!