Monday, March 12, 2007

Hats Hats Hats

Oh my gosh are these cute or what...I'm glad I don't have babies to knit for - it would be too hard to decide what to do! The socks and hat on the left are for a gift and the other three hats are for Beanies for Preemies. I used two balls of Cascade Fixation for the yellow and tourquoise - four hats (the other is in last weeks post) and a pair of socks. The pink hat is left over STR from M3's socks and there is at least enough for another hat. I think I forgot how tiny babies are! What fun they were. I'll be continuing my stash search for enough left over combos for more Beanies for Preemies.
We had incredible weather yesterday and today seems the same - it was 74!! Unreal for March. So I pulled weeds and cleaned up flower beds - still have a long ways to go. I think I'm just going to hire a couple of teenagers with a pickup to spend a day with me to get all the stuff hauled off, there is just too much to burn. I realized I had to have the yard and flowers all ship shape earlier this year as my family will all be here for M3's high school graduation. I'm having a difficult time wrapping around the fact that this is the last one - what on earth am I going to do with myself. There has been a child in my house for the last 24 years!
This weekend was the sick child routine. M3 has a fever, extreme sore throat, achy etc....she was really miserable. I even broke down and took her to the doctor - all the blood tests were fine, I always worry about mono or anemia with her (she is skin and bones). She went to school this morning - it's finals week - just to take a test and will be back soon. She also had to finish a few scholarship applications that are due this week. Not a fun time for her.
On Friday I made the big search for new shoes - I hate buying shoes. I love them in the store - they fit great and then after a few hours of wearing them they hurt my feet. I went into our local running shoe store where they take time to watch you walk and really fit you. Little did I know that it was the annual 'big sale'! Lucky for me they still had a few pairs left and I spent time trying on and walking. I've worn them for two days and my feet feel great - a huge accomplishment - at 20% off even!
I also had a wonderful lunch with M1 - what a nice young man he has become - actually he always was a nice kid! (I know you're reading this! - What kid subscribes to his mom's knitting blog?)
So all in all I've had a great weekend! Will be doing more hats this week and will post pictures of my progress. I've still got other WIP - remember the Celtic Cardigan - I've got to finish that!!
Enjoy your week. Knit Peace


Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Oh these could be considered practice for the future grandchildren! Then you WILL be able to decide and have fun knitting for them because you'll try to knit them ALL. I've been there. Well really I still am ... cause now it's great-grand babies!!

Roxie said...

Those socks and beanies are tooo adorable! Lucky babies!

knitseashore said...

I haven't started the gardening yet, but there are a lot of leaves and debris to clean out. The hyacinths are just about poking through. :)