Friday, March 16, 2007


I think I have finally rejoined the living - M3 daughter was sick last weekend - still is but she too is much better - and I came down with it Monday afternoon - oh my gosh I don't think I have ever been this sick - really! In a matter of hours I hurt everywhere, my head was pounding, disoriented - the works. Spent the next 24 hours flat. It isn't the same flu I got my shot for that's for sure. You know I was sick if I didn't pick up the needles for two days. But by this afternoon I am feeling much better. Went to work for a few hours yesterday and most of today. I must be recovering because look at these....

I am really having fun with these. The blue and white snowflake hat was really fun - did a braided edging from Folk Socks - hard to manipulate but great results. This is the best way to learn new things and use up all those left over sock yarn.

Today it was 74 degrees out!!! We get a nice weekend and I've got work to make up tomorrow - but on Sunday it's time to hit the garden again. While I was trying desperately to sleep the other day I could hear my neighbors tiller working...a little early for me as it still is freezing at night, but definitely something to get ready for. I've unfortunately got a huge pile of rubbish to burn that's sitting in the middle of the vegetable garden. Maybe the weather will hold and let me do that on Sunday. I plan on enjoying the sun while it lasts! I doubt winter is over yet.
I'd like to take a moment to be thankful. Yesterday I was watching Oprah - which was about Mothers around the World. I complain because I can't afford to cover all my kids college education, I can't buy the prom dress they want or a thousand other minor things. I live in a modest but wonderful home, I have a job that allows me to more than adequately provide for my childrens health and safety, they have incredible education opportunities, they are never hungry, they sleep in warm and safe beds - the list goes on. I don't mean I'm not appreciative - I just think we don't stop and think enough about mothers in other places that don't have any of the opportunities that make our lives content. Every moment is a struggle for so many. I will stop and think more often. Imagine how much we spend on yarn a year - "Congolese mother M'Sevumba, was widowed twice and left with 10 children to raise—ranging from 2 to 17 years old. In Congo, the deceased husband's brother is supposed to help the family after his death, but M'Sevumba was left on her own. To support her children, M'Sevumba works as a porter, hired to carry items such as mattresses up and down hills and long distances. In order to carry the weighty loads, M'Sevumba relies on balance, strength and endurance. For all her effort, a morning's work earns her just 25 cents."
I will stop and think more often.
Dream Knit Peace


Roxie said...

The baby beanies are adorable! What lovely work you do.

Enjoy your warm weekend. You know the frost won't quit till May.

Kim said...

I often lament that being home sick is great, except that you are sick and can't enjoy your day off! Cute hats - I've got to get started on mine!

Mary, Mary... said...

Every time I watch Oprah I get all weepy--I count my blessings as regularly as I take vitamins.

By the way, you won the fridge magnet! Right hemisphere, wrong side, but close enough as I'd love to fish in NZ. E-mail me at and it's all yours.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Love those little tiny hats! Counting our blessings is something we all don't do often enough. But I do try NOT to complain ... just enjoy what I've got. And I do have to much more than many others in this world.