Saturday, March 31, 2007

I can't believe it has been so long since my last post - busy girl! It took a long while to get over the crud - many sleepless nights. Have been working a ton - which is very very good - new job in the works and I am tickled pink (or green)!

Took a quick trip to Portland to visit with my family and to get M3 a prom dress - Red satin, backless for the 007 Prom!! It's amazing how little choice there is. We shopped maybe a dozen places in a big city - I bet if I tried I could come up with half the cost and twice the selection on eBay....oh well this is the last one I have to buy - sad but yea!!!

Had a wonderful dinner with the family - my brother had just returned the night before from a three week adventure to New Orleans - he lived there 25 years ago - went to visit some old friends and meet up with his Oregon fishing buddies who towed their boat down. They fished a place called "The Dome"? he got a 125 pound yellow fin Tuna - he was in fish heaven! He brought home some smaller Black Fin Tuna which we ate for dinner along with 15 pounds of fresh Louisiana Jumbo Shrimp - glad I don't clean shrimp for a living - it was wonderful!! 15 people for dinner including 6 teenage girls and one boyfriend - he had a great time! As did we all.

This has been a busy week as well - lots of interesting work again - more set up process for new client. M2 daughter and a friend were here for a few nights this week - gosh it is nice to have the house full of young people. We watched Babel - interesting movie - a little raw for me - not really entertaining - but definitely thought provoking.

Spent all day Friday working in my yard - I could hardly move by mid day - but got a lot done - spring is coming and I might be ready for a change. I'd better be because everyone will be here in June for the Graduation!

Have really not done a lot of knitting - funny thing - I keep falling asleep in my chair. But am working on some socks and finally started a shawl in the Interlacements I bought last summer. Haven't made enough photo progress yet.

Those of you that are working on the Beanies for Preemies - please get them to me by April 15th. I've had a lot of fun with this project. Hope you all have too.


knitseashore said...

It is still too cold to garden here, but I hope to get out there soon! It will be so nice to freshen everything up.

LeAnne said...

You fall asleep in your chair too? Thought I was maybe the only one! My kids love to tease me about it.