Monday, September 03, 2007

Hold on to your sticks

Can you believe it - I have a finished object!! The Forest Canopy Shawl. There are three things I really loved about this project - The pattern itself - and I thought I couldn't do lace. This was an easy 8 row repeat. I wish I'd done more repeats, I certainly had more yarn. I think I used about 450 yards of Blue Moon Seduction for 17 repeats. The pattern is written for sport weight and had 9 repeats, so I figured 17 was plenty with this weight yarn.
I also loved my addi Turbo Lace needles - they are wonderful. I will be getting more of these in the future for sure!
I'd been reading about blocking boards and the suggestion to use exercise mats - what a perfect idea. $15 at Target did the trick. These are wonderful wonderful wonderful!
I will definitly do this again - luckily I'm going to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival later this month so will hunt for the perfect yarn. I'm sure I'll have trouble choosing!
Since summer is now officially over, this will be a week of job hunting, Weight Watchers management (Yea I'm doing good - I can feel it!) and I don't know what else.......Summer may be over but we are still in fire season and Redmond is totally smoked in from a small 3,200 acre lightening caused fire in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness. Black Butte Ranch (beautiful destination resort) is not far from Camp Sherman where I used to work, is only a mile from the fire - so they are under pre-evacuation. What a way to tie up the highway for the hordes of travelers trying to get back to the west side! Such is life in paradise - just glad I'm not driving, although daughter has to join the traffic to get back to school today.


Roxie said...

It's done already? You just flew on that shawl! And it's soooo gorgeous. Bravo, bravo! The exercise mat blocking board is inspired.

It was so kind of you to give me a haven and an escape while I was Mom-sitting. Thank you, thank you! I didn't actually get away on Friday but rolled out at 4:30 Saturday morning and was in Portland before 8 AM, even with keeping strictly to the speed limit. Even at oh dark thirty, the police presence was heavy on the roads.

Looking forward to seeing you at Flock and Fiber!

Ina said...

Wow, looks gorgeous, especially en plein air!

Have fun at the fiber festival - please post about it.

Let's hope the fire is extinguished soon.

Joan said...

Oooh it's lovely. I have to look through my patterns to see if I bought that one. I've been known to buy something twice. Your color choice is great!

Pat K said...

Beautiful work!!

Annie said...

Oh, that is a lovely shawl. Great yarn/pattern combo.

Sockapalooza4pal said...

You go girl! Its my first lace project and if I didn't hear about how to do lifelines on a podcast I think I'd have bailed a long time ago. I'm doing mine in BMFA Silkie from this year's sock club and I just love it. I am getting all inspired that yours is done so maybe I'll finish mine?