Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Finally - Blogger let me upload my photos!! Hurray - this is the Autumn Forest Canopy Shawl. And this is my WW socks. STR medium weight Metamorphic - this is a super fast knit - I'm loving it. Did this in one evening, a definite record for me.

Had a wonderful day - at home working. Had a nice fire glowing in the fireplace, music on my computer and worked away. Got a ton done and then late this afternoon was ready to sit down and work on Norgi - then a call to come into the office, so off I went! Worked there for a few hours and now ready to sit, knit and watch the tube!

Sister and family are coming for the weekend so tomorrow will be prep day and maybe a little knitting - hope so!

Enjoy the weekend - the last one before the frenzy begins! Ho Ho Ho (or as my Mom used to say Oh Oh Oh!)


Roxie said...

The Autumn Forest Canopy is stunning! Bravo, bravo! And the sock is just rockin' along. Good stuff!

Have a happy holiday and stay warm!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Your shawl is absolutely beautiful! What pattern is the sock? I'm looking for one for my December socks. Well, I guess I better finished my Nov. socks first, huh? Happy knitting.

Pat K said...

What beautiful colors in the shawl! Enjoy your day!

Willow said...

Your socks are truly November looking! And paired with the shawl, you'll look lovely. Wow! That is a beautiful shawl.