Monday, November 12, 2007

Another one down!

Yea! I finished the Autumn Forest Canopy Shawl – I love knitting this pattern. It is so satisfying to watch it grow. I’m not sure what I’ll do with this – depends on whose name I draw for the family Christmas! Maybe mine! (Sorry - Blogger will not let me post the photo.)
Since I finished this – it means I can start something else…which of course I did. STR socks for a traveling project – not going anywhere – just needed something to carry in my bag. Perfect for Weight Watchers – I finally passed the 10 pound mark – went up again and then back down. This is frustrating – but the best part was I bought a pair of pants yesterday that fit perfect and they are a size that I haven’t worn for 20 years or more!! How cool is that. I have to admit that this brand runs big – but still it was an accomplishment.
Spent the weekend with the kids….College girl home with a friend and we joined the others for a nice Saturday lunch before shopping! Spent yesterday afternoon helping son move and buy new items for his house. We have a great used furniture store here where I found a perfect hall table that he loved…yea Mom. Also got lots of good Christmas ideas! Middle daughter came home with me and we had a girls TV night. She is dealing with continued medical/emotional issues so not being alone was important.
Today we are in the middle of the big wind – it’s not so bad here other than an occasional gust – but I understand that other parts of Oregon have lost power – even short circuited the Tsunami warning over at the coast – how scary would that be!
I expect a busy week – so there won’t be much knitting – oh yes – I ripped the Norgi sweater yoke out again – just didn’t like it. This time I am NOT weaving in….it just pulled no matter what I did. The only thing I’m concerned about are the long floats - 10-12 stitches sometimes - getting caught in baby fingers. I’m not sure how much the Baby Ull will felt to itself since it is machine washable. We’ll just have to see. I definitely can’t rip it out again – there isn’t enough time.
Hope all is well with everyone – I’ve been watching all your Christmas knit progress – I am so glad I didn’t go there. Next year I’m starting in June – remind me!!


Roxie said...

Hip, hip, hooray
! Forest conopy shawl! Ten pounds weight loss!!(I KNOW how hard that is. I'm bobbing up and down myself right now.) Furniture shopping finds! You're in the zone.

Pat K said...

The heck with knitting for this Christmas. Anything I knit now will be for next year.