Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A mess

Well College Girl is home and settled in – oh my gosh what a mess one extra person can make!! How on earth did she get all this stuff into her dorm room? And where are we going to put it here…there is already half empty boxes belonging to REI Girl still stacked in the garage and extra bedroom. And she is moving too – from her own little apartment into a house with other girls that already have couches and dishes and stuff. What we moms put up with!!

On the knitting front I’ve got a mess too. My knitting group is doing an Entrelac bag knit–a-long – This is their progress...but naturally I choose a different pattern (wanted my bag much bigger) and since I don’t go to the meetings often (too much gas these days) I started on my own. After fiddling with the math and the pattern to ensure a bigger bag – off I went. So far so good – except it seems when I go around and pick up the stitches down the side of the first triangles – there aren’t enough unless I force a new stitch into the last stitch of the previous square – and they aren’t square – more rectangular. I’m counting on the fact that felting will forgive all my sins, and that maybe the next round of squares will bring everything into line. We’ll see. This is my progress.

Tomorrow marks the last round of graduations – the last of the cousins. Two great girls – two different locations across the state! Along with the family parties for each (different sides of the family too). So there will be lots of driving while the kids (Oh I guess they’re not that anymore) sleep both ways!

The usual spring garden activities have ground to a total halt…’s more like fall around here. Even fresh snow on the mountains this morning – I think summer forgot us this year. This is crazy. But they always say – “if you don’t like the weather in Central Oregon – wait 5 minutes!!

Knit Peace


Melissa said...

Felting had better cover a lot, as far as my bag is concerned! We missed you last night, but drank your wine in your honor.

MicheleLB said...

Oh, yes, felting *does* hide a multitude of sins! And double yes, those squares will look like rectangles until they're felted. You're on the right path. Enjoy the journey!

Roxie said...

The bag looks sooo pretty! Love your color choice.

+s li+ke you will have a lively summer with both girls home. Hope it actually gets to BE summer soon.Of coursse, come mid-August, we'll be whining about how it's been hot and dry for soooo long. . .

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

The bag is going to be great! That's the magic of felting ... hiding our minor knitting sins! Love the look of Entralac but haven't done it yet.

Kukka-75 said...

Nice looking start. I´m sure that it´ll be successful. Here it´s been very sunny and warm but yesterday and today a bit chilly and rainy. Not bad, garden needs water.