Saturday, August 02, 2008

My basket is full....

I obviously have a case of can't get anything finished....There are socks there I started last spring (one finished, one in my purse-but who has time to knit while working?); my Forest Canopy Shawl (it's so close); my bag (lots, lots more to do); and the childs sweater for REI Girl's Big Adventure.....Pumpkin does care that they aren't finished. I was doing the Saturday clean up thing this morning and chanced on my yarn stash - what was I thinking - that slowed my cleaning progress down considerably as I fondled and planned of what to do next. Come on - it's summer and I've got books to read and garden to tend.

But today the garden is tended (actually the entire endeavor is kind of a joke this year), I'm re-reading a book (still wonderful), College Girl is working (I'm not for a change) - so I really have no excuse but to knit. It's been a stressful busy week - so I know as soon as I sit down in my chair to knit - it will be lights out!!

College Girl finally found a car - after two weeks, driving probably 15 cars and choosing four cars to be inspected by my wonderful mechanic - we found a perfect classic. It's 12 years old, incredibly low miles (like 8000 a year!!!) and looks almost new. Someone really took care of this. Lucky us - we were at the right place (first in line) at the right time (it had JUST been traded in).
This weekend all of my father's side of the family is getting together in Portland....I assumed I would be working, and I knew that the kids couldn't go either (the big kids are camping - cousins only) and Marianne is working, plus it's just expensive for the drive - so I decided not to go....but lucky cousin come over to Central Oregon for a short visit and Marianne and I had dinner with them last night. What a very nice family. They live in Boston but come home to Oregon for an extended visit every summer - I always look forward to seeing them - they have three totally cute boys. I learned this time that Kate is a knitter too! (Kate: have you checked out Ravelry yet? I apologize in advance - it's totally addicting - I'm "JL2KNIT" )

OK - I'm off to knit - or should I get the oil changed in the car or shampoo the carpet first.....yea right!!
Knit Peace!


Pat K said...

Knit, of course. Looks like you've gotten a winner of a car.

Kathy said...

Knit knit knit Julie! THe other things can wait and must. Your passion comes first!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Oh knit, knit, knit ... it's on top of my agenda also. That other stuff can wait.