Thursday, August 14, 2008

We are so grateful!

First - thank you all my knitting friends for your caring concern. My family is dealing with unimaginable tragedy - but we move forward each day because of the support from our friends.

Good news - little Christopher has gone home - He is a tough kid and our hero! His mom Ruthie and little sister Sarah are doing better - but still in critical condition. Baby steps are still steps forward.

I still haven't found any yarn that is just's got to be super soft and not to fibery - longer fibers? I haven't really had much time to do some heavy searching yet either - when I take College Girl back to school in two weeks there are about 6 yarn stores on my route to Portland. I think maybe I'll call ahead....

Once again, thank you all for your support. Families aren't just composed of blood relatives - luckily many families are knitted together!


Kukka-75 said...

Good to know that Christopher are better. I hope and pray that Ruthie and Sarah will be ok soon. What about angora or alpaca, they are at least soft?

Sarah said...

Thanks for the update, Julie. Baby steps are good. More positive thoughts, best wishes, and prayers for healing and comfort...sending all your ways.