Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Mom

Well, this is REI Girl. I decided to update my mother's blog because she isn't able to right now. We are sitting in the hospital room. Mom got out of surgery earlier today. The doctor said that the operation went really well. I will admit, I was scared. But I am glad that it went okay. She is resting now. A little uncomfortable, but as usual, Mom has that spirit about her that even when it hurts, she can still manage to give us a smile.

I don't usually write on a blog, but Mom does and she knew that all of you needed to be updated. I would like to state that, for the record, my mother is such an amazing, strong, loving woman. She has this determination about her(I know that is where I get it) that it is almost impossible to change her mind, or her attitude. She calls herself "Pollyanna" because nothing, well almost nothing can get her down.

So now my mother is missing her boobs. My mothers attitude towards her body has never been unhealthy, or judgemental. She has always said, "this is what I've got, deal with it". Now she is missing one of the things that makes you a women. Mom said that her body never defined her. That is wonderful advice. Bodies shouldn't define anyone. My mom knows that beauty isn't a body part, it's your soul. My mom has an amazing soul.

Mom should be able to write soon. And thank you all for your support.


Roxie said...

Julie, your daughter is a testament to your beautiful soul. And boobs do not make you a woman. There are even a few people who are sure that they are women, but happen to be in a man's body. Anyhow, think of all those skinny athlete amazons who have no boobs at all. Still women.

The essential thing is, you are still Julie! And Julie is a loving, strong, kind, generous, competant woman! Yayy Julie!!

Annie said...

Hugs, prayers, blessings, good wishes,... all coming your way. Please take care of your mom!

Melissa said...

Thank you so much for updating us! I can't wait til Julie is back at the knitting group, showing us her beautiful work.

My love to you and your family, and give your mom a (gentle) hug from me.