Thursday, January 22, 2009

One Week Off

It's been one week since my surgery and I am doing well. I think my expectations where much to high! I thought I'd be back at work the first of next week, I thought I'd be much more mobile than I am, I d idn't know I'd be this uncomfortable....but I AM CANCER FREE - WOOHOO!! I went to the Doc yesterday and it turns out I really did the right thing - there were suspicious cells in the other breast...I am so grateful I had them both off.
Everyday is something different - now that the healing has really begun - it hurts in different places, none that is unmanageable. I am glad I have had help here at home - my Sister and REI Girl have been wonderful, I definitely would not have gotten by without thier everyday help, cooking, laundry, keeping the wood stove going, helping me make a nest in bed so I don't try to roll over, etc. We even went shopping for sweaters that are disguising - that was fun - I can barely dress myself as it is - arms don't work!
The good thing is I can knit! My buddies from the Redmond Stitch and B*tch group sent me flowers in the hospital that hid two skiens of sock yarn and a set of beautiful needles. My Sisters daughters each picked out yarn for me to do socks for I'm set with lots of wonderful projects. I've started on my nieces and will have photos soon. My sister has even picked up her needles for the first time in over 20 years (she made beautiful sweaters for my kids when they were toddlers) and is knitting mittens for her daughter. So this has been a knitting place for the past few days.
I have had an incredible amount of support throughout this journey - it has brought me to tears many times. I had no idea I had so many friends. I also had no idea how much I'd need them. I am a very independent person - so this has been very humbling. It has changed me - I pledge to be a better friend and to shout out more about Breast Cancer. Get your Mammograms every year, have a physical exam every year! If you are diagnosed with Breast Cancer - remember that your life defines you - not your breasts! Set an example!
Knit Peace


Polly said...

Hi, Julie! So happy to hear things are progressing well for you. You continue to be on my mind and in my prayers every day. Continue to take good care, and we'll look forward to seeing you at a knit-up one of these days soon! Best, Polly

Annie said...

I'm so glad to hear your good prognosis! Prayer works.

Thinking of you,