Saturday, February 05, 2011

He Likes It!!

That's what I hear anyway! The Geek's hat spells part of his name in Binary numbers! Fun!

Have started the Gathered Pullover, but am not sure of the yarn choice. Plymouth Alpaca...looked on Ravelry and couldn't find many sweaters made from this. But it was in my stash from another sweater that didn't work out. So we'll see!

Will spend this weekend packing and organizing The Nomad - next weekend she'll be moving. Sad but good! I also plan on reorganizing my stash better. It's just all thrown into various baskets and draws. That will be fun to see what I really have.

I ordered a little more Palette for some more hats - they are quick and fun.

Hope all is well.


Roxie said...

The Geek's hat spells his name in binary numbers. I keep reading that, shaking my head, reading that again . . .

Good knitting!

Marianne said...

Mom, you're crazy.