Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be careful of what you wish for...

So this morning I commented "Bring it" on my Facebook page. And I got what I asked for. Much of it melted during the day but as you can see below I've got a broken tree - actually it's not my tree but my neighbors that broke in my yard. Hope they'll clean it up.
I had planned on getting a few chores done yesterday, but decided to knit instead. So today after work I had to slog around getting my hair cut (thanks Kimberly) then go to the store. I wasn't about to be snowed in without coffee - duh. Am home safe, it's snowing hard again and I still say bring it! Just hope I don't lose electricity as many have - the snow is very wet and heavy. Ruby Suby loves it!

Not working tomorrow so I can enjoy the wood stove (yes I brought in lots of wood) and knit away. I got another order of KnitPicks palette today, so will be working on a hat for a friend. More about that later when I actually have something to show. Do not let me purchase any more yarn - I know that KnitPicks is economical but still!

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Roxie said...

IF I recall correctly, what falls in your yard is your problem. Here's hoping you have kindly neighbors.

Getting snowed in with the woodstove and the knitting sounds almost pleasant - for a while.