Monday, February 07, 2011

How stupid and I'm a genius!

I cast on for my Gathered Pullover sweater on Thursday...knit a bunch on Friday and wasn't to sure about it. My gauge was right on, but I didn't like how the rolled edge was going to work and it seemed really really big. Mind you I'm making the large - but this was..really large. Took it off the needles and counted stitches before I ripped it out. Funny - I'd cast on at least an extra hundred stitches. How did that happen - I used markers every 50 cast on stitches. Stupid. So I cast on again and decided to do a cable rib instead of a rolled edge. I like it much better.

During the Super Bowl I made The Nomad some new mitts. The was accomplished because on Saturday I cleaned out my yarn baskets. Took all the miscellaneous won't use again stuff to the Good Will. (Saved all the sock yarn ends for a blanket someday). In the process of course I found some usable remnants...Mitts seemed the perfect thing. So knitting was my friend again!

Sunday was not a computer day - for some unknown reason my router stopped. Computer would connect to router, but wireless wouldn't connect to internet. I could connect via cable to router and to modem, but not wirelessly. So today I spent an hour on the phone with a very nice girl who didn't speak English and knew less than I did. Eventually I updated the driver for my wireless adapter, reset the router, reinstalled it and what do you know - it assigned us the network name of BigMoose (very appropriate in my house) and now it works just fine!! Whew! I love computers.

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Roxie said...

You are a computer genius! The mitts are splendid! Did you knit them both at the same time?

I love your cable rib!